May 21, 2020

Crowthorne Archers are back!!!!

Jan 31, 2020

Click HERE for full details and entry form.


May 31, 2019

Your Handicaps and Classifications are now published in the Member's Area, and the intention is to ensure these are updated at the end of every month...

Mar 27, 2019

A couple of useful websites where you can input your score and it will tell you what your Handicap and Classification is based on that score...



May 14, 2019


An essential skill for archers...!

St Sebastian’s Pavilion on Wednesday 29th May starting at 19:30

Barry Rose has very kindly prepared a workshop session in which you can learn all about arrows and arrow maintenance. The session is open to all members, so even if you already have experience (and perhaps your own fletching jig) please consider coming along.
In the session, you will learn about arrows, and practice using a fletching jig, so in future you will be able to replace any lost fletches! Barry will also explain how to replace a point (or pile) as well as how to replace broken or missing nocks. He will even show you how to straighten an arrow (aluminium arrows only) - obviously depending how bent it is! So the session will be both informative and give you practical experience. And, if you want to bring any of your arrows with you, you will have the chance to replace any missing nocks too.
The session will take place in the Studio (the upstairs room) in the St Sebastian’s Pavilion on Wednesday 29th May starting at 19:30.
Please reply to to let us know that you will be attending so we know how many to set the room up for.