Jul 13, 2020

Your Handicaps and Classifications (as of 13th July2020) are now published in the Member's Area, and the intention is to ensure these are updated at least once a month...

Jul 4, 2020

Please read the attached documentation relating to AGB's guidelines for the return to archery.


Shooting Indoors

Aug 14, 2019

External Tournament Calendar

A web page showing most competitions up and down the country...

CLICK HERE to be taken to a tournaments page hosted by Brighton Bowmen - it's probably one of the most comprehensive online lists of tournaments you will find. Each line with have a link to the hosting organisation's web site, and on the far right of the line you might see a "CLICK HERE" which will take you to a more specific page or the entry form for the specific competition.

This is a page that I think is well worth keeping in your FAVOURITES if you are interested in entering external competitions!