May 21, 2020

Crowthorne Archers are back!!!!

Jan 31, 2020

Click HERE for full details and entry form.


May 31, 2019

Your Handicaps and Classifications are now published in the Member's Area, and the intention is to ensure these are updated at the end of every month...

Mar 27, 2019

A couple of useful websites where you can input your score and it will tell you what your Handicap and Classification is based on that score...



May 21, 2020

Returning to Archery!!!

Crowthorne Archers are back!!!!

With strict guidelines in play we are now able to return to archery as of Sunday 24th May. Please log onto the Member's Area and use the "Booking System" to find a time and date that suits you.

A guide is available on the Booking System page on how to make a booking, and I've also put the various documents that we have been working on so if you need to, you can read at your leisure; The Committee and Coaches will be fully versed in these.