Sep 10, 2021

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Aug 14, 2021


The Crowthorne Archers Club Championships are taking place on Sunday 12th Sept at St Sebastian's.

It will be a morning metric shoot with distances to suit everyone.


Archer Classifications


The 'classification' of an archer is another measure of the archer's ability. Classifications apply indoor and outdoors, but are different for each:

Outdoor classifications (lowest to highest)

  • Archer (default)
  • 3rd Class
  • 2nd Class
  • 1st Class
  • Bowman
  • Master Bowman
  • Grand Master Bowman.

Indoor Classifications (lowest to highest)H, G, F, E, D, C, B and A.

Classifications will be maintained and reviewed by the Records Officer on submission of scores. The Records Officer has the tables that show the scores required for each classification, based on bow type, gender, and qualifying round. To achieve a classification you must score and submit 3 qualifying scores (see tables below). If in the year you shoot 2 2nd class scores and 10 3rd class scores you will be a 3rd class archer; once you submit another 2nd class score you will then attain 2nd class status.

Classification Reviews?

Classifications do not get reviewed as such at the end of the year - your classification will continue year on year. However, if you then spend the year unable to submit 3 scores of that classification you will be awarded the highest classification for the rounds you did submit.

Qualifying Rounds

The following tables list the rounds that qualify for archer classifications together with the required scores and handicaps:

Senior Outdoor Qualifying Rounds

Junior Under 18s Outdoor Qualifying Rounds