Nov 5, 2023

The November 2023 updates for the outdoor archer score records are now showing in the Members Area.



Archer Handicaps



What is a Handicap?

Put simply, a Handicap is used to enable archers of varying capabilities to shoot in competition together. The lower the number the better the archer. Those archers with a higher handicap will have a greater 'allowance', and this allowance is added to their final score.

The latest Handicap and Allowance tables have been released by ArcheryGB and are available HERE.

How is a Handicap Calculated?

In the first instance, you need to score and submit to the Records Officer 3 (Imperial / Metric) rounds. The Records Officer will consult official tables, or use an App that will determine the Handicap score for each of these rounds, and will average them to produce your official Handicap.

So, for example, if you submit Handicap scores of 60, 62 and 65, the average of these is 62.33, so (rounding down) your official Handicap will be 62. 

From then on, every round you submit to the Records Officer (both in General Shoot and in Competition / Event) will have the potential of lowering your Handicap (but never increase it); if the Handicap score of your most recently submitted round is 2 or more better than your Handicap, your Handicap will be adjusted to the average of your submitted Handicap and your official Handicap.

So, as an example, you now have an official Handicap of 63, and in your next round you shoot a Handicap score of 62 - this is not better than your official Handicap by a difference of 2 or more so will not affect your Handicap. In your next round you then shoot a 58 - this is more than 2 better than your handicap so averaging 58 and 63 results in your new official Handicap of 60 (60.5 rounded down).

Your Handicap can only IMPROVE through the year.

Annual Handicap Review

The only time your Handicap can increase is at the beginning of a new year - the Records Officer will recalculate everyone's new Handicap each year by taking the average of the 3 best rounds shot in the previous year. If your best 3 rounds are all higher than your Handicap you will find that your Handicap goes up.

For January 2023 all handicaps will be reset so all archers will essentially be starting again. 

Handicap Summary

  • Submit your scores to the Records Officer - that is your responsibility, not his
  • Submit as many scores as possible - this is a great way of tracking your personal progress
  • The Handicap system is fairly complicated to work out - that is why we have a Records Officer!

Please email your scoresheets to -