Nov 5, 2023

The November 2023 updates for the outdoor archer score records are now showing in the Members Area.



Club Rules


Rules of Shooting

The Archery GB rules of shooting (link to Archery GB for their most up to date version) shall be observed at all times and club rules shall be subordinate and additional to those of Archery GB.

Club Expectations and Etiquette

The timings for shooting are published on this site, but the expectation is that Archers will try to arrive early in order to assist in the setting out of the range, targets and other equipment, and will stay and help take down and put away everything. Please don't leave it to the same people every week - if you don't know what to do, then please ask; if you cannot do the heavy lifting etc there is always something that you may be able to assist with. Should a member arrive after the trolley has left the hut they can ask permission to join one of the distances set out, or erect their own target without interrupting the shoot.

All members are responsible for looking after club equipment and ensuring that it is put away as we would wish to find it.

No club equipment may be borrowed or removed without the permission of the committee and the full knowledge of the Equipment Officer.

Competition and Target Days

Designated club target days are all advertised on this website, on the Competitions page, and will appear in the "News" to the left of every page. The dates of rounds to be shot will be advertised to members in advance (at the very least you should expect to see those dates on this website, so please make a habit of returning frequently to see what has been updated). However, the designated shoot may be cancelled, postponed or changed (e.g. due to inclement weather) by decision of the field captain, a committee member or majority.


Each member is responsible for submitting their scores to the Records Officer. Every Archer is encouraged to submit scores, even when not in competition. The Records Officer maintains a database of people and scores which is useful for tracking an Archer's progress.

Safety Policy

No archer shall shoot alone. At all times, another adult Archery GB member must be in attendance to actively supervise to ensure that the field is clear.

Shooting shall be under the control of the Field Captain. The Field Captain can insist that archers must shoot a shorter distance or stop shooting if they feel that any aspect of safety is being compromised.

Archers should be aware of personal safety requirements, such as loose hair tied back, potential dangers of loose clothing, shoes to be closed toe (i.e., no flipflops or open-toe sandals), piercings, etc. Please consult with a coach if you are at all unsure.

No arrows shall be nocked until the field captain has signalled for shooting to commence.

At no time should anyone run when on or near to the range.

Any damaged equipment must be reported to the Equipment Officer.

Any arrows lost on the field must be searched for thoroughly. If not found, a note should be placed in the garage to advertise the loss, as well as notifying the Club Secretary as soon as possible.

Child Protection Policy

Crowthorne Archers accepts a moral responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care, and to safeguard the well being of children, young people and vulnerable adults that protects them from physical, sexual or emotional harm, neglect or bullying.

Crowthorne Archers is fully committed to:

  • The belief that when dealing with children and young people and vulnerable adults, their welfare must always be of paramount importance;
  • Create and maintain the safest environment possible, where children, young people and vulnerable adults can learn and participate in archery, that is free from harassment and / or abuse;
  • Ensure that all staff and its members working with children, young people and vulnerable adults have a moral responsibility to support, safeguard and promote the care and protection of children;
  • Take all reasonable steps to promote good practice and to challenge practice that is considered harmful to children;
  • Promote the development of a culture which welcomes differences and diversity and respects the rights of children, young people and vulnerable adults;
  • Encourage all children to fulfil their potential without unnecessary pressure;
  • Listen to all children, young people and vulnerable adults and have their views considered according to their age, maturity and understanding;
  • Principally adopt the Archery GB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults (link to Archery GB for their most up to date version).

A minimum of one adult Archery GB member is required for juniors to shoot, along with another adult Archery GB member or parent / guardian. A junior may shoot with only one adult present, if that adult is a Archery GB member and their parent / legal guardian.


All subscriptions shall become due on the 1st May each year. A member who has not paid the full subscription by 1st June in any one year shall not be allowed to shoot at the club until he/she has paid, and failure to pay by 1st July shall constitute resignation from the club. Any such member who wishes to re-join the club must pay the full annual subscription before they may shoot.

New members who join after August may pay a reduced subscription at the discretion of the committee. New members must pay their subscriptions within one month of first shooting with the club, excluding any lessons taken as part of a beginners course run by the club. A new member who has not paid their subscription by this time shall not be allowed to shoot at the club until he/she has paid.


Guests who are Archery GB members shall be allowed to shoot at any normal club meeting for a maximum of six times in anyone year. Proof of Archery GB membership (ideally, your Archery GB Membership Card) may be requested and a nominal target fee will be payable.