Nov 5, 2023

The November 2023 updates for the outdoor archer score records are now showing in the Members Area.



Committee Roles

  CHAIRMAN The Chairman is a figure head for the club. Duties include chairing club meetings and co-ordinating the club committee and officers.
  SECRETARY The Secretary takes the minutes of club meetings, manages the annual affiliations to GNAS and co-ordinates internal and external communications for the club. The Secretary also has legal ownership of all club equipment. The postal address of the club shall be that of the Secretary at the time.
  TREASURER The Treasurer manages the club's finances, collects annual fees and pays them to the county archery association. All money collected on behalf of the club must be passed to the Treasurer.
  RECORDS OFFICER       The Records Officer records scores for classifications, handicap improvements, updating club records and awarding club trophies. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that their scores are left in the Storage Unit for collection and that their away scores are reported to the Records Officer. The Records Officer can send your scores to the county records officer if you wish, for county record claims and ranking.
  EQUIPMENT OFFICER The Equipment Officer's duties include supplying consumables, as well as maintaining the equipment and assessing it's condition. All members are responsible for the safe care and tidy storage of equipment in the Storage Unit.
  TOURNAMENT SECRETARY The Tournament Secretary suggests the club shooting calendar and will advertise any shoots. Members are welcome to represent the club at away shoots, however it is the responsibility of individuals to inform the Tournament Secretary well in advance if they want the club to send their entry in.
  JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE The Junior Representative's primary role is to liaise with the club committee regarding the interests of juniors. Other responsibilities include liaising with the county Junior Representative and managing the junior award schemes. Junior members should keep a note of their scores to report to the Junior Representative. There may be a junior assistant to this position who can act on the behalf of the Junior Representative if absent.
  HEAD COACH The Head Coach is responsible for the provision of coaching at the club. Other responsibilities include coordinating coaching strategies to ensure continuity between coaches and coach development.
  COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER / WEBMASTER The Webmaster will manage the content of the Club Website. The Webmaster is not necessarily the author or the authority for the content and will normally rely on other officers and members to supply that content.
  COACHING Some members have gained coaching qualifications. The coaches all gained their qualifications with the intention of helping others to improve and enjoy their shooting. Nevertheless, coaches are not obliged to offer their services. If members wish to receive coaching, they should politely ask one of the coaches if they can help (but not while they are shooting).
  FIELD CAPTAIN An officer, coach or other experienced member of the club must take on this role at club target days and practices. The Field Captain is responsible for safety and discipline and has the power to cancel shooting in the event of lightning or other extreme weather. The Field Captain can insist that archers shoot a shorter distance or stop shooting if they feel that any aspect of safety is being compromised. 
  TEAM MANAGER At junior shoots or large away matches a Team Manager may be appointed. This is usually the Tournament Secretary, but others can be appointed to the position by the Tournament Secretary or Junior Representative for junior shoots. Team Managers are responsible for the team's travel directions and signing in on the day. Where there are team awards, archers must complete their score cards at the end of the tournament and report the details to their Team Manager as soon as possible.