May 15, 2022

Club Standings and Competition Results have been posted!

Apr 12, 2022

Crowthorne Archers are pleased to announce their "Have a Go At Archery" open day. Taking place on Sunday 15th May 2022, this event is open to the public for all age groups and abilities, 5 years and up.


Fees & Subscriptions

Membership Costs

Annual Membership fees are due each October, and except for the associate memberships, include membership of Archery GB and Berkshire Archery Association.

If you already have membership of both we will inform both parties that you have joined Crowthorne Archers.

Member Type Fee
Full Adult £102
Adult 18-24 £62
Full Junior £53
Associate Adult £48
Associate Adult 18-24    £43
Disabled £24
Non Shooting £63

Indoor Target Fee

Please note that when shooting indoors there will be a £6 (£2 juniors) target fee for all participants, including members.


Visitors will be charged a nominal £3 target fee each day they shoot with us. A visitor must 'sign in', and can do so a maximum of 6 times a year. To continue to shoot with us the visitor must then become an Associate Member.