Apr 19, 2021

The latest handicaps and archer classifications have now been posted to the members' area.


Apr 19, 2021


We are having an Outdoor club competition on Sunday 25th April comprising a single Portsmouth round.

Apr 9, 2021

The 2021 Berkshire Championships are to be held on Sunday 18th July with a wide range of WRS and UKRS rounds to choose from.

Apr 9, 2021

Hosted by Harlequin Bowmen on the 5th & 6th June, registration is now open for the 56th Diana Open Competition.

Apr 8, 2021

A bit of wind and sleet is not going to stop these hardy chaps..

Mar 16, 2021

Over £100 has been donated so far simply by shopping on-line. See how you too could help the club without it costing you a penny.








Outdoors and Indoors

Choose from the following to find out more about when and where we shoot:

Shooting Outdoors

Shooting Indoors 

Archery GB - Rules of Shooting Compliance Certification

Crowthorne Archers shoot at 2 different locations at various times through the year, so in accordance with the requirements of Archery GB all locations have been certified as COMPLIANCE with the Archery GB "Rules of Shooting".

Links below are provided to each of the certificates issued be Archery GB on the 6th April 2017 (each opens in a NEW window):

St Sebastians

Sandhurst Sports Centre

Scoring and Handicaps

Scoring is an important part of Archery as it helps us to record our progress and allows us set goals to challenge ourselves. Scoring takes place at the club or at competitions when a Round is shot. A Round consists of a number of arrows (measured in dozens) that are shot at a target placed at varying distances from the archer. For example; a National Round is 4 Dozen @ 60yds and 2 Dozen @ 50yds or a Junior National Round is 4 Dozen @ 40yds and 2 Dozen @ 30yds.

There are many types of rounds, with varying distance and number of arrows to suite the capability and age of each archer. Click on either Imperial,  Metric or Indoor to see the combinations of rounds available (these are the most popular rounds shot in the UK).

Classification of an Archer

An archer will be classified according to their capability, determined by scores recorded. Click here for the Classification / Handicap descriptions...