Nov 5, 2023

The November 2023 updates for the outdoor archer score records are now showing in the Members Area.






When archers shoot and score a set number of arrows at a set distance (or set distances) it is called a round. 

Outdoor Rounds

Follow the links below for information on all the popular Outdoor Imperial and Metric rounds.

The tables show the number of arrows, in dozens, to be shot at each distance in each round, and also indicate the rounds and scores required to achieve each of the archer classifications.

For each bow type the tables are provided by gender and age group, so take care to check the appropriate age range as distances and scores required may vary. 

Bow Type Link to Archery GB Rounds and Classifications Tables (as of January 2023)
Barebow Click HERE
Compound Click HERE
Longbow Click HERE
Recurve Click HERE


Indoor Rounds


Scoring and Handicaps

Scoring is an important part of Archery as it helps us to record our progress and allows us set goals to challenge ourselves. Scoring takes place at the club or at competitions when a Round is shot.

Recording scores 

There are a variety of apps available to help with the logistics of tracking scores when shooting. Check that any app you use has been updated to cover the AGB 2023 Handicap and classification updates. Here are two that are recommended by Archery GB as being updated with the new information:


Once you have shot and scored your round, remember you must email a copy of your scoresheet to our records officer so it can be counted towards your handicap and classification 


Words of Advice

If you are new to archery rounds can be confusing – don’t be afraid to ask club members or the records officer for help in identifying the best rounds for you to be shooting to support your progress (or just for fun!). 

They will be very happy to help. 

Classification of an Archer

An archer will be classified according to their capability, determined by scores recorded. Click here for more information.