Nov 5, 2023

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Crowthorne Archers Safeguarding Policy


At Crowthorne Archers, we are committed to making archery a safe sport for all. 

We have a moral duty of care to put into place reasonable measures to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults - to keep them safe from harm.  This is in accordance with Archery GB’s requirements, guidelines and procedures.  These measures include;

  • Following ‘Safer Recruitment’ Policy (including DBS checks)
  • Coaching and club member codes of conduct which protect Children, Young People and vulnerable adults from physical, sexual or emotional harm, neglect or bullying.
  • A named Safeguarding / Junior representative.

Crowthorne Archers is fully committed to:

  • The belief that the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults is of paramount importance;
  • Taking all reasonable steps to promote good practice and to challenge practice that is considered harmful to children;
  • Creating and maintaining the safest environment possible - where all participants can train and compete in archery in an environment that is free from harassment and / or abuse;
  • Ensuring that all staff and club members working with children, young people and vulnerable adults have a moral responsibility to support, safeguard and promote the care and protection of those individuals;
  • Promoting the development of an inclusive culture which welcomes differences and diversity and respects the rights of participants no matter their age, ability or disability, sex or gender, race, religion, ethnic background, sexuality or marital status;
  • Encouraging all children to fulfil their potential without unnecessary pressure;
  • Listening to all children, young people and vulnerable adults and have their views considered according to their age, maturity and understanding;
  • Principally adopting the Archery GB Policies for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

If you have a concern, however small, about the welfare of a child or adult please speak either to our Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Rebekah Frost, or a member of the committee that you feel comfortable talking to.  Remember, anyone can be vulnerable.

Archery GB Codes of Conduct

Archery GB Safeguarding Policies and Guidance


Approved by Crowthorne Archers Committee 12th April 2021.