Dec 11, 2017


Dec 9, 2017

When to shoot...

Nov 25, 2017

Saturday 13th January


Shooting Outdoors



     SUMMER - From 1st April to 1st October we shoot outdoors on a Tuesday and a Thursday night, meeting at 5:30pm to set up the equipment and then commence shooting from 6pm, and continue until the last person leaves.

     ALL YEAR - We also shoot on an Sunday morning, meeting at 9:30am to set up the equipment and then commnce shooting from 10am, and continue until the last person leaves.

     BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY - When a Bank Holiday falls on a Monday we will exercise the same timings as we do on a Sunday.

Please note: "...when last person leaves..." - When any shooting is in progress there must be a minimum of two people present, each being a minimum of 18 years of age, one of whom may be a non-archer to act as a lookout. The archer is responsible to inform the lookout of all safety aspects applicable. Where two adult archers are present and shooting together they will alternate on the shooting line so that the non-shooting archer can act as the lookout. When junior archers (ie archers under 18) are shooting individually or in groups they must be supervised by an adult member (excluding honorary members) of Archery GB and a second adult must be present.

Do you frequently turn up and find that the field is all marked out and targets are there, ready for you to shoot at straight away? That's because people turn up and set them up, but they need YOUR help. Please do not expect others to set things up and take them down - you need to help with all aspects of setting up and taking down.


Description of the Facility: St Sebastians Field

Address: St Sebastian's PFT Sports Club, St Sebastian's Close, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3XA

Map of Facility: Here (opens in a new Window)

Website: http://stsebs-sports.org.uk/

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